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Kathy understands the importance of economic opportunity, access to affordable health care, and the education and training necessary to prepare people for the jobs of the future. She’s spent her life bringing people together to make our community a better place for all North Carolinians and our country stronger for Americans everywhere. That’s what Kathy is doing in Congress — she’s helped lower prescription drug costs, boost domestic manufacturing, and create good-paying jobs. 

Now, we’re looking to the future. The 2024 elections are perhaps the most important in American history because of what’s at stake, from the threats to voting rights and our democracy to women’s freedom to make their own decisions about their reproductive health care.

KMPAC is dedicated to electing more Democrats like Kathy who will continue the fight for our values and freedoms at every level of office.

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PO BOX 41197 Greensboro, NC 27404

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